The 10 Best Countries In Europe To Live, Visit & Working In 2021

Europe is diverse and culturally amazing.
Living in Europe has its pros and cons when it comes to healthcare expenses, taxes, and job opportunities.
But don’t worry, there are as many as 44 different countries in the Old Continent you can choose from depending on your budget, career goals, and language skills.
Over 500 million people call Europe home, and they contribute to a wide range of cultures, languages, religions, and so much more.
This is what makes it so exciting to live in Europe. In an hour or two from anywhere in Europe, you can be immersed in a different culture, language and food!

From most capital cities in the EU, you can get flights from €30 upwards to other capital cities in Europe.
If the train is what you prefer, the train system is fantastic all over Europe and getting better by the day.

The cost of living in Europe is very wide-ranging. If money is no object and you enjoy the finer things in life then you can live in the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland.
For a great lifestyle at a much lower cost, head south to the likes of Portugal or Spain where it is extremely reasonable.
For the lowest cost of living, head to Eastern European countries like Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic.
Here’re some of the best countries to live, visit, work or retire in Europe:
10. Belgium. (good for family)
9. Spain. (retire, affordable)
8. France. (retire)
7. Denmark. (work, family)
6. Finland. (family)
5. Sweden. (work)
4. Portugal (safe, retire, affordable)
3. Republic of Ireland. (work)
2. Switzerland. (safe)
1. Norway. (family)
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