One of Must Go Travel Destinations in South Korea – Sokcho City

Sokcho city, South Korea
Sokcho (Korean: 속초; (Korean pronunciation: [sok̚.tɕʰo])) is a city in Gangwon-do province, South Korea. It is located in the far northeast of Gangwon-do. The city is a major tourist hub, and a popular gateway to nearby Seoraksan national park.

00:00-00:20 Sockcho Tourist Fishery Market
Millet Pancate. Fresh Seafood. Kimbab. Fried Chicken. Steamed Whole Squid. Bite-size Stuffed Squid.
00:57 Yeongeumjeong Sunrise Pavillion
01:19 Sokcho Lighthouse Observatory
01:23 Seoraksan Mountain National Park
Located in the center of Baekdudaegan in Korean Peninsula
A biosphere reserve deisgnated by UNESCO
01:33 Sokcho Museum & Displaced Civilians Folk Village
02:06 The BadaHyanggi-ro Trail in Oeongchi
Historic barbed-wire fence between South and North Korea
02:12 Red Snow Crab Seafood Soup
02:32 Cheoksan Spa
02:57 Sokcho Beach
03:13 Cheongchoho Lake
Sail a yacht across Cheongchoho Lake and visit the Jodo Island(Bird island)

Come and experience your own Sokcho!!