Detailed Schengen Tourist/Visit Visa Application Guide for Unmarried Couples 2021 | Filipina-Italian

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On this video, I talked about how I process my visa application in a detailed way β€” where and how I got all the papers I submitted to the Italian Embassy.

We’ve been separated for 11 months due to the pandemic, and when Italy exempts unmarried partners of Italian Citizens/Residents from entry ban and when Philippines allowed Non-essential outbound travel, we grabbed the opportunity to apply for a Schengen Visit visa to finally reunite.

If you have any questions and clarifications, feel free to send message to my Instagram accounts and my email below and I’ll be happy to answer all of you 😊


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~ Fill-up Application form online –
~ Invitation/Sponsorship Letter Form (Dichiarazione Garanzia e/o Alloggio) –
~ Travel Insurance with Covid Coverage through –
~ Purchase Letter Writing Services, Dummy Ticket and Sample Travel Plan Itinerary –
~ Financial Guarantee and Health Insurance (from Italy) – Email:
~ Tourist/Visit Visa Requirements and Checklist –