Best of Riyadh Saudi Arabia Travel Vlog 🇸🇦 What to go see in Saudi Arabia

Top Ten Travel Tips of Things to do in Riyadh Saudi Arabia – What to go see in Saudi Arabia travel vlog

In this Saudi Arabia travel vlog episode I am going through my list of top ten things to do when coming to Riyadh. Whether you are coming for a weekend trip or traveling in Saudi Arabia for longer, there is much to see in Saudi Arabia’s capital city as a great tourist destination. Check out the modern buildings and daring architecture which is unique in the Middle East, try the amazing food, visit the traditional markets for souvenir shopping or check out the super modern malls, visit museums and historic sites or take a tour to the Edge of the World. It is difficult to get bored in Riyadh!

➔ Watch this video if you want to get answers on the following:
What to do in Saudi Arabia and specifically what to do in Riyadh? Which places to visit form a weekend in Riyadh? Where to go for shopping in Riyadh and which cultural sites to see in Riyadh?
What tours to take when in Riyadh and what food to try in Riyadh? What to do in the Middle East and what to visit in the Middle East? What to go see in Saudi Arabia?

➔ This travel vlog will cover the above questions and more. My travels take me to amazing places around the world and I use this travel vlog to document my experiences and inspire other travelers to explore new destinations and hidden gems in the Middle East, Africa and other travel destinations. I am posting new travel videos every week so please do subscribe to my channel and activate the notifications bell to get the latest updates.

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