2019 TOP 10 MUST SEE Pacific Coast Destinations if you love nature, vanlife and travel

These are our top 10 favorite destinations on the US Pacific coast to destress, unwind and reconnect with nature. We hope to inspire you to add them to your bucket list and take the time to go and explore.

In 2019 we went on a trip of a lifetime. We covered the entire Pacific Coast from San Diego to Vancouver, Canada and also explored parts of British Columbia and Alberta. We had no destination, no timeline, no plans. Some days we travelled 5 miles, and some – 300. It was such a treat, for the first time ever in our lives to not have to think but just be in the moment, simply enjoy the journey and experience what a new day brought.

This video mostly consists of iPhone footage because we made a commitment to just relax and unwind, and the trip was not about filming.

All videos were recorded in August – October 2019; a few winter videos included are from our trip to Oregon in December 2018.

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