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Missouri Duck Hunting: Getting Started

Sunday 05 August 2018 at 09:11 am.

Duck Hunting! This could be the most exciting outdoor activity every time you see tiny black specks in the horizon, indicating that it’s the season for duck hunting.  If you are interested in getting those ducks, you might start joining groups in Missouri Duck Hunting. More information on guided duck hunting on the site

In getting started, there are tips that you can check on so your first Missouri Duck Hunting won’t turn into a disaster.  So, check these tips in getting started in duck hunting:


You should find a mentor.  There are groups of people in Missouri who accepts mentoring session in duck hunting.  They are experienced in such activity, thus, they are the best people who can assist you.  From the effective strategies to the equipment that you will be using, they would be glad to mentor you. Of course, location would also matter.  Your mentor could help you position yourself in areas that are most strategic for hunting.  They are familiar with spots in the hunting location and would surely assist you in your first shooting.


One should have patience when joining into Missouri Duck Hunting.  At first, it is expected that you can’t get the most of your hunting session.  But as the season pass with much practice, along with your patience and perseverance; you can surely be successful in duck hunting.

Practice Safety

If you have a good physical condition, that would be much better.  But you also have to practice safety all the time.  It could be very cold out there, so you must wear layers of hunting clothes.  You should also bring lots of extra clothing especially when there are areas with much water. 

Hunt with at least one person.  In case of emergency like accident, there’s someone who could ask for help. You should also get familiar with the area you are hunting.  Your mentor can help you with that.  If you need to walk with water, always check how deep the water is through stick.