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Blackline Studio skincare services and products

Saturday 23 June 2018 at 08:45 am.

Blackline Studio – a tattoo Toronto shop, provides you the best tattoo services in the area. Yet, the shop offers other services such as skin care services and products. Here is the list of services that the shop offers. More information on tattoo shops on

Skincare treatment

The shop offers different treatment for the skin. The most popular skin care is the Hollywood special. This type of facial is also known as the carbon facial peel. The aim of this procedure is to remove the dry skin cells in your face keeping your face fresh and young. The treatment is safe because it has no discomfort on your skin. Your skin stays healthy as the treatment promotes natural collagen. It also offers a skin care treatment called Environ Skin Care. These are skin care products that have restorative properties to improve your skin health. It’s an international brand, which is proven to be safe for the skin.

Spectra Laser is another treatment that you can try. It can treat acne and the scarring caused by the acne. It can reduce the irregularities of the skin and the appearance of acne can be reduced as well. The Spectra Laser is an effective treatment. It has a complex features as it can remove the tattoo on the skin.

REVIV treatment

REVIV treatment is another service that the shop offers. It provides vitamin booster shots and IV infusion. If you want your body to be restored, this treatment is proven effective. The method can give hydration to your body as well as antioxidants and minerals. It also has electrolytes that can make you feel better.

Other services

Blackline Studio offers other services such as customized tattoo and tattoo removal. If you want a body piercing and facial and body jewelry, the shop also offers this service.