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Friday 04 May 2018 at 10:08 am.

Understanding a term could be nasty, so we better find something that could explain further the things we wanted to know. What could the word optimization means? Optimization is the action or process of making the best or the most effective use of a situation or resource. What is a search engine? It is a program that searches for specific items and identifies them in a database that matches to keywords and characters specified by the user, and are used especially for finding and discovering particular sites on the World Wide Web on SEO Auckland.

So from that term, we could assume that Search Engine Optimization is the enhancement of the presence and existence of a term under a specific site or web page. It is making the presence of the term, product or services in a specific website and be the first and the highest on the list results when searched in a search engine.



In the mid-1990s, webmasters and content providers have started and began optimizing web pages and sites for search engines. The webmasters only needed to submit the URL or the address of the specific page to various search engines which would then send a “spider” to “crawl” that page. After that, it will extract links to other pages and return or send back information found on the page to be indexed

The process and development involves a search engine spider that downloads a page and stores it on the search engine's server. The second program, known as the indexer, extracts and mines information about the page, including the words it contains, the location, the weight of specific words, and even all the links the page contains. All of the information gathered is then placed into a scheduler for crawling at a future date.

The value of a high ranking and existence or visibility in the search engine results are very much recognized by website owners, and this creates a lot of opportunity for both white hat and black hat SEO specialists or practitioners.

According to an analyst the term “search engine optimization” probably started and came to use in the year 1997; and in 2007 there was an attempt to trademark the term SEO by convincing that it is a “process” that involves manipulating of keywords and is not a “marketing service”.

So the process went on and on, now a days becoming known in the online world needs a lot of effort, a lot of marketing strategies have been done and formed. Since we are living in an online system, making a name and making it first on the result lists greatly affects the business industries. In order to achieve the high rates of existence online, SEO services are not available thru various companies and individuals that are practicing the search engine optimization. It is better to find someone knowledgeable in the area, for example if you are in New Zealand, it is better to find Auckland SEO or those who are expert on that field and area. So if you wanted to have a high rate in the result lists, try to find and choose the best SEO Auckland you can find in the local search engines.