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How DOTA 2 Boosting Works

Wednesday 17 January 2018 at 06:26 am.

There are times when relying on yourself to get over a certain DOTA 2 level is stressing and and frustrating at the same time. During these moments, it is only natural to want to try and get all the help to overcome this difficult obstacle. Thus, players are being entice to try dota 2 boosting to help level up their ranks once and for all.

What is DOTA 2 MMR Boost?

It is a type of service available to all online DOTA 2 players to help improve their rankings and enhance their performance. Usually, it is offered to those who are in the Unranked level but there are those who offer their services only to those who do not belong in the Low Priority Queue. This is to help eliminate suspicion that the account is being boosted, plus it will also help if the player is skilled enough to get to a higher level or medal by himself - it just so happens that they found themselves quite stuck in a level with no visible way to advance without some professional help.

How DOTA 2 Boost works

You usually pay for professional boosting services to get started. After receiving the payment, the company will send a highly skilled DOTA 2 booster to help you to either increase your current MMR, get your desired medal, or improve your overall gameplay. A single boost is normally one star or 100 MMR per day. While this might make it seem that a job will take a certain amount of time to complete, it also guarantees that you are least likely to get flagged by the game moderators for boosting. It will also make it harder for other players to suspect and report your profile for the same thing.

Is it legal?

DOTA 2 boost is not illegal per se. Though there are arguments against using such services, so far, there has been no report of players and boosters suffering from legal repercussions. Furthermore, the very nature of DOTA 2 makes banning of players who used boosting services seem moot since players can always make multiple accounts to keep playing.