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Dilution Chart: Guide To Diluting Essential Oils

Tuesday 16 January 2018 at 06:05 am.

A lot of people have been asking why essential oils are very much expensive and still the container or the vial is still very small in amount. This is because a drop or two can go a really long way in the process. If you are not yet so familiar with the dilution process, here are a guide to diluting essential oils that you might want to notice and talk about as well.

0.5 % for babies

If the person you are going to use the essential oil is a baby of around two years old and below, it would be great to do a hot essential oil. One of the nice things about this concentration, though dilute will surely make the baby happy since it has a smell of cinnamon, black pepper, clove, ginger and even oregano. Learn about Guide to Diluting Essential Oils on

1 % for kids

This dosage is for those toddlers and very young kids that wants to try smelling new smells. This are also for those that are elderly that wants to get well. If you want to be using your diluted essential oil on a day to day basis, this percentage would be a good place to stay as too.

2 to 4% sometimes

If you are not a regular user of essential oils and you just want to use if for some special purposes this type of dilution might be the one for you. After you have checked your skin for any irritation that might have occurred to you, and found that there have been none, you can go for this dilution factor. Just try to watch out when you are using hot oil especially when you are going to use it on a sensitive skin on your body.

It all depends on who is going to use the essential oil as much as it is about where you are going to use it that your dilution will depend so just try and do your best.