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Test Online Transactions without Giving Your Real Credit Card Details

Monday 10 December 2018 at 06:05 am.

Identity theft and credit card hacking are just two of the many digital crimes that looms over online transactions and online shopping these days. Falling victim to any of the two can result to devastating loss and a huge blow on your finances that will be hard to recover from. This is why most people are taking extra cautions when it comes to using their credit cards online. As a credit card owner, you should be taking extra precautions as well in order to secure your identity and money. To help you, you should consider using a credit card generator on Learn more about Tech and Business - on this site.

How does it work?

A credit card generator gives you a fake credit card with valid credit card number in order to test how an online transaction works. Although the credit card number work, you cannot use it to purchase anything. A lot of people use this especially when they are dealing with online shops and merchants that are not well known or if they are dealing with a bank that is not as trusted as Bank of America in Charlotte, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Amex or Fargo. This way, if there is something wrong with the transaction process, you do not compromise your own credit card details.

Not only for online shopping

People use a credit card generator not only for online shopping but also for accessing sites that ask for your credit card details when creating a user account. It does not make sense to give your credit card details. You do not need to give out your real credit card information especially when you are just checking out what the site can offer. The fake credit card will also come with a fake name so you real identity will be protected online.

Make sure that all your online transactions are legit. Before using your real credit card, use a credit card generator to test out the transaction process first. This way, in case you are dealing with a scam or the transaction does not work out, your real credit card and cash is not compromised.