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Things To Do When Fire Spreads Elsewhere

Thursday 01 November 2018 at 06:18 am.

When you’re at home, you can deal with fire easily. Normally, you would want to have a good number of fire prevention systems and tools in place. You can basically just have a good fire extinguisher on the side and even a good fire Sprinkler systems Kent has a lot of good fire sprinklers and systems that you can use to help prevent fire. Now, what would you do when you have to deal with a fire outside especially when you’re inside a tall building. If you are more curious about Sprinkler systems Kent then you can learn more about it on

What to do when you’re in a placed and trapped with fire

l  The good thing is that before the fire breaks out, fire alarms would already happen. When that happens you already have a chance to run away through the regular exits and those that were made for fire exits.

l  That’s another thing that you have to find out which is where the fire exits are. If you’re near the actual entrance then that would be fine but finding the fire exits is ideal.

l  When the fire has already spread, you need to make sure to mask yourself so that smoke doesn’t enter your body. You can always just go through the smoke in case that is where the exits are.

l  Drop everything and focus on your safety. Those things may slow you down so make sure to run through the exits. If you’re not in a high space, then jump if you can handle it just to get away from the fire.

Just a few things to consider

l  While people are always told to be calm when fire is spreading, there are those that panic. You should think calm and be collective so that you can safely exit the place.

l  Just hope that you’re not stuck at a high floor so you can just run through the door.

Being in a fire and trapped inside a building can be tricky so you should always be prepared.