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PC Games and Cheat Codes: The Added Leverage

Thursday 01 November 2018 at 07:23 am.

Throughout the passage of time, the PC games remain as everyone’s favorite pastime, more so when they want to take a break from the chaos of everyday life. Whether it is with puzzles to solve, or a storyline worth venturing into while the player assumes the role of different job classes available for roleplayers, as long as it is something amusing, the PC games remain as one reason why gaming developers and publishers are gaining a good amount of income. The games can be enjoyed as is, straight out of the box, though players can pay more with micro transactions for premium in-game merchandise, seasonal passes, and downloadable content. Truly, micro transactions are another reason why the creators earn money, even if some games connected to the micro transactions are technically free.

Some games, such as the لعبة جاتا franchise which is included as part of the classics list, have a bunch of cheat codes available which bestow the player access to some secrets, unlimited life and ammo, additional weapons, playing as other characters, other game modifications and so on. Cheat codes can be activated through pressing the buttons in a correct sequence or just typing them out using the available option in the gaming menu. Truly, it is worth having to read magazines for the cheat section, or even browse online for websites related to them.

Worth Discovering

The cheat codes available for the PC games are mostly uncovered by intrepid pro gamers willing to share in the knowledge for both and new players alike. It may be something that the developers are hiding, but nonetheless, it is worth giving them a shot for the added edge into the gaming experience, even if some codes can be used only once per game.

Some say that it is bad to cheat, but in PC games, the rewards can be satisfying.