LifeTrack: The Place Where Nature Rules (Costa Rica)

Monday 09 October 2017 kl. 10:22

LifeTrack: The Place Where Nature Rules (Costa Rica)

For a country of 50,000 square kilometers, Costa Rica is quite an adventure.

oct 24 / AYS? team

LifeTrack: A Paradise In Disguise (Real de Catorce, Mexico)

Real de Catorce is a town of less than a 1,000 inhabitants, which is located in the middle of a desert. During the last ten years, more and more travelers are paying attention to Real de Catorce as a touristic destination. But why Real de Catorce and not another one of the thousands of deserted villages of Mexico?

oct 2 / AYS? team

Future is handmade

The title of this article was taken from one of the conferences organized by the World Craft Council, WCC.
Not long ago one of our members had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Usha Krishna and Mrs. Sudha Ravi, respectively President and Coordinator of the WCC. This encounter gave us the chance to discover the history, mission and actions of the World [...]

Jun 29 / AYS? team

Painting South America: No Rules Corp Art

A bit more than one week ago we called Evazé and Sir as they were in Lima, Peru. This young couple is currently carrying out a unique travelling project across Latin America.

May 22 / AYS? team

MusicTrack: Beto Mendoza (Monterrey, Mexico)

‘Are You Serious’ first Project started on 2011, but our association goes way back to early 2010. A lot of things changed from the original idea of what we wanted to do and what we ended up doing.
We spent all 2010 looking for sponsors and partners who wanted to support our idea of active traveling.
Originally, [...]

May 14 / AYS? team

Interview: Heading South

“…I dumped everything, my studies, my family, and left with my backpack. My first goal was to reach Antarctica by walking as much as possible …”

Jul 27 / AYS? team

We are very happy to announce the ending of the first Are You Serious Project.

Jul 22 / AYS? team

LifeTrack – Beyond Copacabana & Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The last country in our route was Brasil, and really: What better city to end this project than Rio de Janeiro? Rio is one of the most amazing cities we have ever seen and this, for a lot of reasons we are about to go into.

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